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All the Sunshiners plants are grown with the greatest care and attention by Jos van den Berg and his son Jeffrey at their nursery in the Dutch town of Voorschoten. They would like to give you some tips to help you enjoy the Sunshiners® products.



Just like people, plants are regularly hungry and thirsty and want to feel comfortable. So give your plant sufficient light, water and the right type of nutrients.
Before watering your plant, feel the soil to see whether it is still moist or lift up the plant. Too much water is as bad for your plant as too little water.
Our plants come with sufficient nutrients for the first six months, during which time you won´t have to fertilise them. Start fertilising your plant after that time to keep it in flower.
Plants create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. To keep them healthy, look closely to see how they are doing and give them all the attention they need. Our specific care instructions will help you get the most out of your plant.

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Useful care tips for you to download

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